Sensuality Mentoring

About The Science of Sensuality

If your life feels devoid of art, pleasure, meaning and gorgeousness, “Joi de vie” the art, power and mythology of Womanhood can help you channel back your true majesty to your own life. Alina will take you on a journey to activate your inner muse - and your transformative power to the planet in a series of creative sessions that reconnect you with stories of womanhood. 

This is perfect if you are:  

  • going through a divorce or have recently come out of a separation
  • feeling burned out by the demands of your career.. and want to replenish and do something different 
  • want to reconnect back to your identity, womanhood and sensuality as you mother 
  • deepen self love, confidence and your overflowing sensuality to draw in your soul mate  

You will:

  • Understand yourself like never before
  • Experience firsthand how harnessing your feminine energy can bring forth your true gifts 
  • Work with various expressions of your self-worth, personal power, sensuality and relationships
  • Decode feminine mysteries of Religion, Spirituality, Science and Art that are useful in the modern world 
  • Bring more of your voice to the planet
  • Find magic in the mundane of daily life
  • Magnify your levels of attraction and sexual charge within a long term relationship or after separation and divorce 
  • Learn the ways of Womanhood that are true to YOU – and use it to heal and uplift societies 

Alina Berdichevsky, Sensuality Muse & Mentor & Cognitive Coach

Known for her direct, intuitive and witty style, Alina’s insights into grounded consciousness have seen her feature in a number of popular media including Body and Soul, Seven Sunrise, Madison, New Woman and SMH.COM.AU.

Alina is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), A Certified Life & Executive Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and PSYCH-K facilitator, as well as a student of Tantra, Marketing Communications, Journalism and PR.   

The areas she specialises in are:

  • Intimacy & Communication 
  • Self Worth, Confidence and personal power 
  • Relationship Coaching 
  • Post divorce coaching
  • Identity beyond parenting 
  • Emotional Intelligence and Conflict resolution
  • Magnetism and Law of Attraction
  • Sacred Women’s Wisdom for modern life


  • Master NLP Practitioner, Australasian Institute of NLP
  • Certificate IV in Life Coaching, Executive and Wellness Coaching
  • Master in Strategic Public Relations, University of Sydney 
  • Advanced Psych-K Facilitator 
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner 
  • Reiki Level 1


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Activation Session (2.5 hours): $600 

Awakening Fast-Track Pack (3 x 2.5hr sessions): $1500

The Metamorphosis Life Activation Programme (10 x 2.5hr sessions): $5500

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What some of Alina's clients have to say...

"Alina is much more than a life coach, but for the sake of expressing this insight, I will just say that prior to this I would never have sought out a life coach because I didn't really WANT to be coached toward outward success in career, bringing in more money, networking, maintaining perfect body, diligently making healthy choices, etc.  I had decided that those things were "not important" to me as ends in themselves - they seemed hollow and not enough - and it made me feel like there was nothing out there to be excited about.  At least not as much as studying spirituality and the mystical.  Further insight was about the realization that this dilemma had been solved for me already; There ARE goals I am excited about and paradoxically they might outwardly look like the goals I felt I was "supposed" to have (success, abundance, beauty, health) but will also be SO much more than that.” - Kelly, 42, Texas USA 

"In one hour Alina encouraged me to crystalise my goals and the roadblocks preventing me from getting there. She encouraged me to visualise some ideal situations in my life which had been otherwise hidden from view. Alina enabled me to tap into several buried passions, to re-ignite my creativity and bring balance back into my life. Leaving with a concise and thoughtful set of recommendations, I felt equipped (and supported) to embark on rediscovery and creativity with the view to achieving personal growth and fulfilment.” - Susan, 39, NSW Australia 

“Thanks for being the best thing  so far that has happened to me in 2020” - P.Z. , 38, NSW Australia 

“Alina, I probably never told you this before but you have been the person to open me up to a level that I thought I could never get to before. I am in debt to you forever. I think that what you do may not be the most conservative approach to some, but when dealing with my life, love, family, friends, problems and issues it worked wonders for ME!” - Maria, 36, VIC, NSW