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It's a bittersweet reality that we all have a brain, but not one of us got instructions. We all have a life which we map out but no one gave us a compass, but the good thing is, we can change that. Your quarter-life period is likely to be the highest point of stress, uncertainty and confusion throughout your entire journey. Whether you're a startup founder, emerging leader or a high performer looking for the next thing - this is for you. You are certainly unique - but you are not alone.

Using neuroscience and technology we coach people to manage, navigate their quarter life with confidence, resilience, self-awareness and certainty.  We help people unlock their brain, find their path and create their unique compass all in one step. Accessing the power of your brain shouldn't be limited to scientists and lab experiments, it should be a part of life. And this knowledge of how to use your brain to get from the place of knowing you need to change to, making that change and becoming that change is where Neuroscience coaching comes in as the brain catalyst to creating what you want. 

Shelley Laslett, Neuroscience Coach


Shelley Laslett is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vitae Coach,a startup that takes neuroscience out of the lab and into life to help people grow themselves and their businesses. Using the latest neuroscience, Vitae helps businesses improve performance by empowering people, teams and leaders with practical neurological knowledge, tailored learning programs, brain based coaching and advisory services. Shelley is a Social Scientist and Neuroscience Coach. She is currently completing her Masters in Applied Neuroscience at King’s College London.

As well, as being the CEO of Vitae, Shelley is also a startup advisor, startup mentor startup board member and international speaker. Previously, Shelley was the General Manager of YBF Ventures - a startup incubator and VC fund. Prior to entering the startup world, Shelley was an international strategy and innovation consultant with Accenture UK.

She has helped a number of companies evolve, change and bring their new ideas to life. Some of the companies Shelley has worked with include; The Walt Disney, Company, LinkedIn, Salesforce, NASDAQ, Techstars, Deloitte, Westpac, Diageo, AgriDigital, WeWork Labs, Founders Factory, Marie Claire, Qantas, Cover Genius, SKY Plc, Optus, Lloyds Banking Group, OMD, Commonwealth Bank, Tank Stream Labs, Body Image Movement, the projects*, Verizon, Springboard Enterprises, ANZ Bank, Sunculture, Bupa, VMware, Qantas, Dentsu Aegis Network, Innovation Bay, Fonterra, IBM, Royal Dutch Shell, Tech Ready Women and EY.


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What some of Shelley's clients have to say...

“It was critical to work with a coach who had a startup/tech background and who knew the brain. As Shelley has experience as a startup; investor, advisor, founder and mentor it was an easy choice. She not only coached me to learn how to take myself out of founder detail, she also helped give me the major ‘aha moment’ that by helping myself, I was helping my business. Working together, I found I was way more productive, had way more insights by having the space to think strategically rather than emotionally.” - Christy Laurence, CEO & Founder of Plann

“Shelley has helped drive the importance of startup health not just startup hustle with a number of our startups. The sounding board sessions have been well received, and are driving healthy and meaningful change across our ecosystem. Shelley is always willing to give, sharing all of her neuro-hacks with our startups along the way. She’s been an integral part of helping founders establish healthy work/life balances and an integral part of our ecosystem." - Bradley, CEO Tank Stream Labs

“As an entrepreneur, your emotional state and business is a rollercoaster. It’s often tough to share this with your friends, family and your team. Working with Vitae helped me share my worries and express how I was feeling. Shelley helped to uncover other elements that are contributing to the stress or emotional state so I could find clarity and stability. This allowed me to focus and move forward.” - Holly, CMO Beam Wallet