About Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a distinct and complete system of health care that focuses on addressing the root causes of health imbalances by supporting the body in its healing through nutrition, herbs and supplements where required. Six foundational principles underpin the practice of naturopathy: The healing power of nature, doing no harm to the body, finding and treating the cause whenever possible, treating the whole person, and education and prevention. These six principles are kept in mind when a naturopath takes your case, develops a treatment plan and also offers maintenance for long term good health. Naturopathy is both an art and a science.  Naturopaths focus on prevention and education to empower you and your body to return to balance and perfect health.

Ema Taylor, Naturopath 

 Ema Taylor is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Certified Fertility Awareness Educator.

With a special interest in women’s health, she is tirelessly researching and applying the latest in traditional evidence-based medicine and scientific research to ensure a holistic and patient-centred approach.

She is deeply passionate about supporting women on their journey to their most vibrant and balanced self and utilises nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, lifestyle modifications and patient empowerment to achieve long-term positive change.

Associations & Certifications

  • Member of the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)
  • Certified Fertility Awareness Educator – endorsed by APNA
  • Awarded student of the year in the 2017 national Industry
  • Awards by ATMS and Nature & Health Magazine


Initial Online Consultation (60mins): $150

Follow-up Consultation (45mins): $100

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What some of Ema's clients have to say...

"Before meeting Ema, I was a bit all over the place. I didn’t understand how to manage stress and harness my health to be my best self. Ema was so kind, a great listener and offered sage and realistic advice and recommendations. She makes a tasty hot cacao drink too! Since my experience with you, I’ve had better sleeps, use your stress management exercises daily and am on the path for a healthier life!" - Chloe, 26

"I came to Ema feeling deflated, lethargic & lost in my overall health. Ema provided a wealth of personalised education, always greeted me with a positive & genuine nature so I felt comfortable & empowered to make positive changes for my health. Ema’s knowledge & guidance allowed all my health goals to be achieved, specifically, for my period to return after 18 months. I live outside Sydney, however, Ema ensures we are able to consistently Skype & is there to answer questions in between appointments to ensure I feel well supported.." - Nicole, 26

"Prior to seeing Ema, I felt hopeless about my health. I was a long-term asthma sufferer, had weak immunity, poor digestion, imbalanced hormones, stubborn acne & I didn’t really believe in natural remedies. Now, because of Ema’s wisdom, I’ve eliminated those complications to the point in which I have forgotten they ever existed. Ema’s approach to healing is systematic yet extremely empathic & caring. She goes beyond what is expected of a health professional & I can honestly say I couldn’t be on this journey without her." - Zoe, 20