About Meditation

Meditation is the simple practice of moving our minds and bodies into deeper states of rest while simultaneously expanding our awareness. It's a simple and highly effective way to reduce stress, increase energy and improve the way we respond to life's challenges. A regular meditation practice can provide rapid and profound benefits, including:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Experience of greater happiness and wellbeing
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Having greater focus and clarity
  • Being more self-aware and present in daily life

The 1 Giant Mind Being Meditation Technique

The 1 Giant Mind Being Technique is a simple technique that enables absolutely anybody to experience the benefits of meditation and to establish an independent daily practice. Ideal for beginners and experienced meditators alike, this technique allows even those with a busy mind to transcend into deep meditation.

The technique is a transcendental practice which uses a mantra, making it effortless and highly effective by leading the mind and body to a deep state of rest and expansion of awareness.

The benefit of learning with an experienced teacher is a deeper and more artful introduction to the practice that will mean you are self-sufficient to practice it day-to-day with an intimate understanding of what to do and how to do it. 

You will...

  • Learn how to practice the 1 Giant Mind Being technique
  • Understand modern stress and its negative impact on our lives
  • Explore the functions of the mind
  • Demystify common misconceptions around meditation
  • Ongoing support 

In addition, your teacher will provide guidance on how to make meditation a daily habit and will explain how this technique enables transcendence of the thinking mind and reconnection to the calm, joyous, dynamic and creative YOU.

About Meditation Teacher Cassie Cameron

Cassie is a Psych-K Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, passionate mental wellness advocate, and founder of Mind High Club.

A strong believer in personal power and the innate wisdom that people have within them as experts in their own lives, her approach is all about empowering the individual with the necessary tools, knowledge and support for their inner and outer transformation.

Cassie's journey with meditation begun years ago when she learned the Vedic Meditation technique. Experiencing the first hand incredible transformational benefits to quality of life and an expansion of consciousness, the next logical step was to teach others a similar technique with the same benefits.

She is a meditation teacher who is certified to teach the 1 Giant Mind Being Meditation technique in group 3-Day courses and one-on-one private sessions.


3-Session Online Learn Meditation Course (GROUP): $199

3-Session Online Learn Meditation Course (1 ON 1): $299

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What some of Cassie's clients have to say...

"I was one of those people who thought meditation was a little silly and a waste of time. Maybe I was a little frightened what would happen if I just sat with myself everyday for a few mins being still or maybe I had been miss advised by the wrong people in the past, but wow I was wrong and I have no problem admitting that. If you are looking to try something that benefits you with everything in your life in this crazy world we live in then go and give this course a try with Cassie, it’s changed my life in a few short weeks for the better. Just go give it a try & you can thank me later." - Denise, Sydney

"Over the past few years I have tried to meditate without much success as I have not wanted to commit to learning from a teacher. But wow what a great teacher Cassie is. She answered our questions whatever they were and I now feel much calmer in dealing with life’s situations and look forward to meditating every morning and evening! I wish I had done this much sooner. Go see Cassie she makes it all so effortless. Thank you Cassie what a great gift you have." - Gillian, Sydney

"Recently I participated in a three-day meditation workshop with Cassie Cameron of Mind High Club. Cassie exclusively teaches the 1 Giant Mind Technique which I found to be a surprisingly effortless style of meditation that I’ve been able to adopt into my everyday life. Initially I came to Cassie struggling with anxiety. She could see it was holding me back and genuinely wanted to help. As a person she has a very calm, warm energy that instantly puts you at ease. Our workshop group were all ages and backgrounds and yet everyone mastered the technique under her guidance. I’ve personally never felt more balanced since keeping up with the twice daily, 20 minute meditation. You can tell that Cassie is very passionate about well-being and derives great joy from helping others reach their true potential. If you’re unsure if mediation is for you, I really encourage you to leave your opinions at the door and give Cassie’s workshop a try. You’ll be entering a place of non-judgement with someone who wants to see you win. She’s truly an angel and I’m grateful for her help." - Jodie, Sydney