What is Mind High Club?

Mind High Club is an online portal that connects you with your lifelong path to transformation and growth by allowing you to explore different paths to transformation, and connecting you with your next steps.

Our team of top experts have designed and created tools, personalised to your needs and preferences, which transform your mind and mood by empowering you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate life's challenges. It's all about providing different paths for you to explore, and connecting you with the next steps to pursue the exploration of your inner world.

Based on three key pillars of meditation practice, practical application of neuroscience-based life skills and reprogramming limiting subconscious beliefs, the Mind High Club formula is all about fusing holistic, ancient and modern resources to truly deliver results.

How do I sign up to get started?

Meditation Workshops:

Simply submit the enquiry form to be notified of the next upcoming workshop HERE

Online Guided Resources:

Easy, click through the "Get Started" links on the homepage to enter the e-learning portal, sign up with your name and email address, and you'll gain access to a 7 Day Trial. Get started HERE.

One-on-one Psych-K Sessions:

Book in for your online Zoom appointment or in person appointment (Sydney only) HERE.

What does the journey look like?

The recommended 3-step path for best results is this:

1. Register for our next upcoming meditation workshop to learn a simple and highly effective meditation technique to establish a baseline of awareness & presence. The ultimate meditation technique for busy minds!

2.Sign up to access the online Mind High Club experience from the palm of your hand. It's the ultimate curation of guided, step-by-step expert-designed resources to transform your mind, up-skill you to navigate life challenges, and connect you with your purpose and path. You can do this at any time.

3. Book in a one-on-one session with a Psych-K® Facilitator to release deep subconscious stress, transform limiting beliefs and programmes and give yourself a cognitive upgrade. Sessions can be either online or in person depending on your location.

5. Access our support team hello@mindhighclub.com at any time if you have questions.

    Can I just do one of those or do I have to do all three?

    Any one of the above options is incredibly powerful in their own right, feel free to begin with one or more that resonates with you. They are each very complimentary to each other and lead to exponentially better results when undertaken in tandem.

    How do I know if Mind High Club is right for me?

    Mind High Club is perfect for you if...

    • You're right into personal development and are on the hunt for you next "thing"
    • You've dabbled in some meditation apps and podcasts but feel like there's more to know and discover
    • You're after a hassle-free personalised resource to support your mental wellbeing, improving how you feel, your mindset and essential life skills for facing challenges
    • You're motivated and ready to do some deeper work on yourself to experience a shift
    • You feel like there's too much information out there and you're after keeping it simple with only the things that are relevant to you!
    • You're after something that doesn't take up too much time, and can be accessed to and from work - easy!
    • You don't like fluffy stuff and want to really feel and experience the results
    • You've tried a bunch of things and feel like they haven't been quite cutting it

    How much does the Mind High Club Online Resources Guide cost?

    You will have access to a 7 Day Free trial, and from there onwards it's $12.99 per month.

    One-on-one consults & guidance are additional costs. The pricing details for one-on-one sessions with experts at the tail end of your experience are provided alongside your resources.

    The Nutrition Power Up is an additional cost of $150 which includes 3x consults, personalised diet & supplements plan & shopping list.

    What are the different paths you can explore?

    At Mind High Club we believe that there are many different roads that lead to Rome, and that the path to transformation and growth is unique for each individual. That's why we've presented a variety of things for you to explore to connect the dots and move through to the next phase of your personal development journey...

    The Mindfulness & Meditation Path - this involves learning a foundation being practice to set a baseline of awareness, as well as the fundamental principles and applications of meditation and mindfulness in daily life.

    The Subconscious Mind Mastery Path - this explores the power of your subconscious mind, addressing limiting subconscious belief programmes and how to rewire your brain to support you. 

    The Life Skills Path - rooted in Neuroscience, Psychology and Goal Orientated Life Coaching principles, this path is all about equipping us with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to address life's challenges with finesse. 

    What is the Nutrition Power Up?

    The Nutrition Power Up is an optional service which takes a deep dive into the Mind-Body connection by uncovering and addressing any underlying health health imbalances that could be contributing to your mood, and improve your stress response. It's a truly holistic approach to total mental wellbeing.

    It includes:

    + 100% personalised mental wellness resources in a structured step-by-step format (videos, audio files, PDFs & written content)

    + 3x 15 minute online video consultations with an experienced Naturopath (one initial and two follow-ups)

    + Personalised diet, lifestyle & supplement recommendations

    + Personalised 7-day example diet plan including recipes & shopping list

    + Easy purchase and automated delivery of exclusive practitioner-grade health supplements and vitamins that correspond with your unique needs

    This add-on is ideal for you if you want a complete, holistic and results-driven approach to total wellbeing. The Nutrition Power Up is right for you if you value your wellbeing and want a solution that is truly holistic and really gets results!

    How do I get started with the Nutrition Power Up?

    On your Dashboard you'll see an option to access your Nutrition Power-Up which will simply involve a quick 3 minute questionnaire to provide the information we need to personalise your experience and allow our expert Naturopaths to prepare the resources for you. From there, our team will prepare the additional features for your Nutrition Power Up within 24 hours. If you have any questions or trouble with this you can email hello@mindhighclub.com any time.

    Are supplements included in the Nutrition Power Up?

    As part of the Nutrition Power Up, you will be presented with a highly personalised supplements plan by on of our practitioners, which is designed specifically for you, with details on dosage, frequency and length of time your body requires specific supplements.

    The supplements we prescribe are practitioner-grade, which means they aren't available off the shelf for normal retail sale and are highly therapeutic. That's why we have professionals taking care of you to recommend the right type of nutrients to suit your needs.

    Your practitioner will send you a link to purchase the supplements your require from our portal, and you will have the option to either purchase them as you go, or subscribe to automated easy delivery each month so you never run out.

    The price of these are on top of your Nutrition Power Up price and will depend on what you require.

    Where can I buy the health supplements that are recommended to me by the practitioner as part of my Nutrition Power Up?

    Your practitioner will post a link to your dashboard that will allow you to purchase them with one click through a fast checkout.

    The supplements we stock aren't available on the website for general retail sale via the website, as we only sell supplements specific to individual requirements as recommended by our qualified experts- we don't sell you what you don't need!

    What supplements brands do you stock and how can I buy them?

    We provide access to the very best practitioner-grade supplement brands including Metagenics, Bioceuticals, BioMedica, Orthoplex, MediHerb, Eagle and much more. Each supplement recommendation is made upon your personal requirements.

    Does Mind High Club replace seeing my psychologist?

    Although Mind High Club's content and services are designed by experts to get results, they should not be regarded as a substitute for medical or psychological advice. Using Mind High Club is a great complement to other professional services and advice you are currently accessing for your mental wellbeing. It's a beneficial resource to use on its own, or in between sessions with a psychologist.


    Does Mind High Club offer a corporate wellness programme?

    Yes, Mind High Club offers a bespoke corporate wellness packages to suit your organisation. For all enquiries email hello@mindhighclub.com